Emily Wilcox, University Honors Program

CyThx 1. “Besides being the first face, many first-year Honors students meet at Iowa State, Emily goes out of her way to stay connected with as many students as she can by asking them to assist with FHP events, supplement professors for Friday Honors Salons, and just have small chat in the Jischke kitchenette. She makes an effort to know every Honors student she encounters at least by name and goes out of her way to ensure students are welcomed, appreciated, and successful. Iowa State’s Honors Program is incredibly fortunate to have her.

CyThx 2. “Emily always wants to talk, and she makes everyone feel like they belong in the honors program!”

CyThx 3. “Emily is the first person that welcomes Honors students to Iowa State their freshman year and continuously makes each and every person feel heard, valued, and welcome. Emily always puts students first and embodies what it means to be mentor. Her passionate and drive is evident every day and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving for this recognition! Thanks, a billion Emily – you make life so much better for so many.”