Donna Winham, Food Science and Human Nutrition

CyThx 1. “Dr Winham’s willingness to help and provide guidance amazed me the first time I met her. As a graduate student transferring from another university, I could not imagine that a professor can go out of her way to help a student especially when she’s clearly under no obligation to do so. Thank you Dr. Winham for making ISU a great place to stay and study.”

CyThx 2. “Dr. Winham has been of tremendous help and support during my stay at Iowa state. Not only has she served to provide guidance on school and professional growth but has also played a major role in well general well-being here at the university. She has been of major support to ensure stability and intellectual and occupational wellness among others.”

CyThx 3. “Dr. Winham has been welcoming and supportive from the start. I know she wants her advisees and students to succeed. The opportunities for professional and personal growth that she has provided me thus far have been invaluable. Her kind spirit and approachable nature make working with her a very pleasant experience. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with her for my graduate career.”

CyThx 4. “Dr. Winham is amazing. I love the work that she does and how invested she is with it and with the people apart of the work. She is a friend to me on campus and I feel welcomed and cherished by her. She inspires me to be myself. It’s a good thing I’m a short walking distance away for when I need her.”

CyThx 5. “Dr. Winham is an excellent professor/instructor for her Global Nutrition Class NUTRS 560-FS HN 560. Not only did I gain knowledge on how food, agriculture, culture, beliefs etc. work together but also saw how this knowledge applied to my everyday life as a scientist and have since changed my view on how to do research and extend research findings to communities. Her class was not about memorization but about understanding real life global challenges in nutrition and how scientists and researchers can tackle them. Her classes and reading materials were also always always well researched with current and relevant literature in addition to her own vast knowledge and background of nutrition and anthropology. She encouraged learning and also aided proper scientific writing including guidance on how producing authentic essays and the like. Best class, I ever took at Iowa State and great professor. The university needs more professors like her.”

CyThx 6. “Dr. Winham makes sure that each student gets an opportunity to gain valuable professional development experience by attending conferences, presenting research, and engaging with the larger public health community. By working with Dr. Winham, students learn a breath of skills both qualitative and quantitative. She has made me feel like a member of the ISU community by including me in events on campus and getting the occasional quesadilla at Carlos’ food truck.”

CyThx 7. “I would like to thank Dr. Winham for being very personable and encouraging during all of our meetings. She has helped me time and time again to realize my potential in not only my future career, but in all that I do. She encourages me to reach for the stars. Dr. Winham represents Iowa State well, and I am blessed to have her as my adviser.”