Curtis Youngs, Animal Science

CyThx 1. “Dr. Youngs has been an amazing academic advisor to me throughout my years at ISU. He also is very passionate about his work, and it shows through his teaching styles. He teaches an upper level difficult course, but it is my favorite lecture to attend. Thank you Dr. Youngs for all that you do- it does not go unnoticed!”

CyThx 2. “Dr. Youngs is one of the best mentors at Iowa State. He cares about students and wants to help students learn as much as he can. He also is one of those professors who listens first and then gives advice and tries to help if students are going through a difficult time in class. He goes above and beyond to make sure he creates a welcoming environment for everyone, and students feel very comfortable to share their opinions in class and I think that is the best way for students to learn – if they feel free to talk and discuss with other students. If some other professors in this university were like Dr. Youngs, ISU would be the best university in the world. However, I am glad that professors like Dr. Youngs still exist, so I have not lost hope for the academia just yet.”

CyThx 3. “Dr. Youngs makes me feel valued by being receptive to my questions and always taking the time to answer them thoroughly, saying hi to me in the hallways, and sharing his passion for learning with students. You can tell he is passionate about animal science and this resonates throughout his teaching style. Having Dr. Youngs as a professor has helped me appreciate the process of learning and how fortunate I am to be able to attend ISU.”

CyThx 4. “Dr. Youngs has played a very important role in my career at ISU. He made the classroom extremely interesting and really understood the needs of the students. Sure, his class was hard, but it was so obvious how much he wanted students to succeed (if they had a little bit of drive to succeed themselves). Many other faculty members supported me and gave me some direction – but Dr. Youngs saw my potential and really pushed me to go above and beyond at ISU (and I will continue to do so in the future). Sometimes those pushes would put me through difficult (learning) periods, but Dr. Youngs always had his office available to talk it through and support me through those times. He doesn’t just help you through the rough patches, but he’s always there to congratulate you through the highlights also. He has so many connections in the industry and is always willing to connect you with anyone he may or may not know. Dr. Youngs has been a great mentor, professor, and friend to me. Thank you Dr. Youngs, you have made a huge impact on my life and I can’t wait to pass your kindness and mentoring onto everyone I meet.”