Becka Abraham, School of Education

CyThx 1. “As I walk into Lagomarcino, I know that I will start a great day with a friendly smile from you. It does not matter how busy you are, you are always kind and prompt to help.”

CyThx 2. “Becka does the work of a handful of staffers, faculty, and students all at the same time. Her unfailing dedication to her work is something that many take for granted. She is always working to improve the School of Education with her work with quad C and advocating for the students and staff in making sure that they receive equal recognition to the faculty. Because of her, staffers are now noticed weekly and that encourages me to continue to advocate as well. She is a constant encouragement to me in my position and to continue getting better, even if I don’t always get recognition for the amount of work that I do. Additionally, the work that she does with the Project SEARCH interns has changed lives permanently, for the good. She always asks me how my day is going when she sees me and how I’m doing, regardless of her work load, and handles her job with grace. She is a constant positive influence and light in my life and encourages me to do better and be better, for which I am grateful. When I think of community in the School of Education, I think of Becka.”

CyThx 3. “Becka…I always appreciate that you are responsive to my tedious questions, repeated questions, and questions about stuff I can’t find. You’re better than SIRI- you can do it all with a smile! Thanks for all the extra effort as staffing changes continue and continue… break is getting close!”