Ann Gansemer-Topf, School of Education

Dr. Gansemer-Topf continues to be someone who has continued to make me feel valued here at Iowa State through numerous ways. She has challenged me, taken time to meet with me even though I am not her advisee, and she has been open and vulnerable about her experiences being a woman in a field dominated by men at the top, and most importantly she has been kind and genuine. Dr. Gansemer-Topf has also helped me during my most stressful time at Iowa State, she continues to be someone I know I can count on here. Outside of her ability to make me feel valued outside of the classroom, she is also someone who has made me feel valued in her classroom as well. Dr. Gansemer-Topf is the BEST educator I have had in higher education and possibly even from my time in K-12. She is passionate, intentional, and includes everyone in her classroom. Due to Dr. Gansemer-Topf’s kindness, dedication, and passion I have felt more valuable and confident during my time here at Iowa State.