Announcing two TBL workshops by Team-Based Learning expert Dr. Peter Balan (Sept. 26 & 27)

Next week, Peter Balan OAM BSc, BE(Hons), MBM, Ph.D., a faculty member in the School of Management at the University of South Australia, and Team-Based Learning (TBL) Consultant will be visiting ISU (view Balan’s LinkedIn web profile). He will be conducting two TBL workshops on may be of great interest to you (see program descriptions below).

During the past several years, several Iowa State University faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants have attended the Annual Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) Conference that draw TBL faculty from throughout the US and around the world. Peter is a frequent and very popular presenter and TBLC leader. Our community has found him engaging and innovative.

Please consider attending if this is of interest to you by registering via the Learn@ISU website or email

Workshop, How to Easily Generate Research from your Teaching Activities (Sept. 26, 3:10-5 p.m., 198 Parks Library)

How might you generate valuable research from your teaching activities even if you don’t have expertise in educational or social science research methods? Peter Balan, OAM BSc, BE(Hons), MBM, PhD, faculty member in the School of Management at the University of South Australia and Team Based Learning Consultant is visiting ISU. Peter will lead a hands on workshop sharing his validated methodology that you can adopt to generate research data on the fly in your classroom. Please join us to learn this valuable method led by the faculty member who developed it. In this workshop, Peter will demonstrate his method of analysis using data contributed by participants. He will also show examples of the analysis of small, medium, and large datasets using this method.

Peter Balan has analysed more than 100 data sets using this method, and is publishing papers using this form of analysis. His approach to concept mapping is published in: Balan, P., Balan-Vnuk, E., Metcalfe, M. & Lindsay, N.J. 2015, ‘Concept mapping as a methodical and transparent data analysis process’, in Elsbach, K.D. & Kramer, R.M. (eds), Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research: Innovative Pathways and Methods , Taylor & Francis/Routledge, New York, pp. 318-330.

Workshop, Ensuring Student Buy-In for Pre-Learning in Flipped or TBL Classes (Sept. 27, 12:10-1 p.m., 2015 Morrill Hall)

Are you interested in adopting TBL or flipped classroom approaches but face student resistance? Flipped or TBL teaching methods require students to pre-learn course materials before a teaching session, where exercises rely on students using self-gained knowledge. This is the reverse to “traditional” teaching when course materials are presented during a lecture, and students are assessed on that material during another session at a later stage. Peter Balan OAM BSc, BE(Hons), MBM, PhD, faculty member in the School of Management at the University of South Australia and TBL Consultant will lead a hands on session taking participants though an introductory orientation class session that prepares and engages students to successfully participate in courses requiring pre-learning. This approach has been implemented very successfully and effectively in a range of courses in different countries, and is documented in the paper (Balan, Clark, & Restall, 2015). Each participant will leave with a comprehensive kit to implement this orientation session. Lunch will be provided for this workshop.

Balan, P., Clark, M. & Restall, G. 2015, ‘Preparing students for Flipped or Team-Based Learning methods’, Education + Training, vol . 57, no. 6, pp. 639-657. (ERA A*)

How to register?

Register for one or both of these workshops on the Learn@ISU website or email