Reminder from Student Disability Resources about Reasonable Accommodations

CELT is sharing Student Disability Resources information to instructors and graduate teaching assistants:

As we begin a new Academic Year, I want to provide the information below regarding the provision of access to lecture notes and Power Point presentations which, as you know, are reasonable accommodations for some students with documented disabilities.

Students in need of academic accommodations will soon be meeting with you to deliver and review their Fall 2017 ‘Notification Letters’ (aka “NL’s “)—this is a great time to discuss ways you will be able to assist them in accessing lecture notes, Power Point presentations, and other accommodations listed on the NL (ie. exam accommodation processes, etc.). Please be specific in coming to agreement in the delivery of indicated accommodations so questions/problems are avoided later in the term.

In years past, many students have worked with their instructors and peers to access lecture notes—this will continue going forward. We have, however, provided a bit more structure/direction to achieve that outcome– Student Disability Resources (aka “SDR“) website contains some very useful information to assist you in helping make your students have course lecture content as reasonable accommodations. For key information about note taking, visit Student Accessibility Service’s Access to Lecture Notes website.

Briefly, we are asking you to make sure students are provided timely access to lecture notes and/or Power Points, per the Notification Letter. This can be accomplished in several ways (see below):

  • a copy of Instructor lecture notes and Power Points
  • a copy of lecture notes completed by a Graduate Assistant
  • a copy of lecture notes completed by a peer in the course


Additionally, we strongly encourage instructors to consider the many benefits of implementing a ‘universal design’ (UD) for diverse learning approach that benefits many students including those with unique learning needs/styles. Learn more about UD at:

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us here in SDR (call 515-294-7220 or email for assistance if needed.

We look forward to another great semester at ISU! And thanks for all you do!

Steve Moats, Director

Student Disability Resources