Update on Canvas “Go Live” Date at ISU

The ISU Canvas Implementation Team is continuing to make progress on completing the initial implementation of Canvas at ISU. The team met with the Canvas On-Site Implementation consultants on campus July 12-14 and were able to complete a number of steps to make Canvas functional at ISU and integrated with ISU’s local systems. Our goal is to provide a trouble-free first login experience for ISU instructors and staff, and to provide clear steps for creating courses in Canvas using Blackboard migrated course materials.

Based on the work completed and work remaining we have updated our “go live” date for instructor access and anticipate it will be by July 28, 2017.

A fully featured version of Canvas will be ready for developing Spring 2018 courses by mid-semester Fall 2017.

Status updates and additional details will be posted on the ISU Learning Management System (LMS) website. If you have questions please email canvas@iastate.edu.

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