When will Canvas go Live at Iowa State?

Canvas by Instructure Corporate LogoThe short answer is: Soon.

The intent is to officially announce the “go live” date within the next week via Inside Iowa State, the Iowa State LMS website, and the CELT social network channels.

Since the announcement that Canvas was selected in mid-June, CELT and ITS have been working with Instructure Canvas on the numerous components necessary to integrate Canvas with the local ISU systems. We are also working to implement a comprehensive course migration protocol to move existing ISU courses from Blackboard into the new Canvas platform, and develop user training and support processes. We are getting close.

Getting Started Before the Live Date

In anticipation of the ISU go live date, take a minute to see what Canvas can do to help make teaching and learning easier for you, view The Cool Things You Can Do with Canvas YouTube video.

To get started before Canvas goes live at Iowa State, visit the MyCanvas Instructor Orientation website.

For more information, visit the MyCanvas Frequently Asked Questions website.