Starting the Semester

The first CELT Teaching Tip of each semester I seem to focus on revisiting your syllabus and strategies for getting your course off to a great start. So, why break tradition this spring!

Your syllabus is such an integral part of your course that it always merits a critical review. A well-designed syllabus describes your expectations of students, establishes course policies so students know what they can expect, and outlines what you will cover in the course. More information on syllabus best practices is available on the CELT website. Also be sure to include the ISU recommended syllabus statements. If you are teaching the same course you’ve taught before its helpful to revisit the syllabus to see if you can realistically complete all of the material, assessments, and evaluations you have planned. What changes might you make to ensure there is deep learning and that students are able to achieve the course learning outcomes?

In the spirit of getting the semester off to a great start consider how you can:

  • create a welcoming atmosphere for students;
  • set a positive tone for learning;
  • engage the students actively;
  • provide support for students, and show them where they can find support; and
  • encourage students to keep up and do well

Visit our detailed list of ideas for a great start to the semester on the CELT website.

Best wishes for a successful Spring 2016 semester-