Supporting and Promoting Self-Directed Learners

Midterm. A word that can cause anxiety in even the most prepared student. I’ve talked to a number of faculty since midterms were posted, and the conversation often centered on how to support students who either received a midterm in the course they teach, or how to support a student they advise who received a midterm.

Last spring I referred to a 2012 article by Deslauriers, et al. that described effective student success intervention strategies. Receiving a personalized email from the instructor, and meeting with the instructor were the two interventions that resulted in the most significant increases in the average score between a first and second exam. In addition to instructor interaction, there are also a number of resources available to support students through the ISU Academic Success Center. This video by Susan Rhoades, Director of the Academic Success Center gives a quick overview of student resources. If you meet with a student who received a midterm, or have students in your course who received one, consider directing them to the Academic Success Center so they can work toward a positive outcome for the course. After all, everyone needs a little encouragement now and then.


Reference: Transforming the Lowest-Performing Students: An Intervention That Worked. Journal of College Science Teaching; Jul/Aug2012, Vol. 41 Issue 6, p76-84