Student Response System (Clickers)


Clicker hardware

Clickers are devices in a remote audience response system to transmit and record student feedback to interactive questions. The term “clicker” is applicable to both a hand-held remote control designed to be part of a specific audience response system or a personal computing device, such as phone, smart phone or laptop capable of sending feedback.

Learn more about how clickers work.

ISU’s Professor Emeritus Corly Brooke, who successfully implemented clickers in her large-enrollment Human Development and Family Studies class, shares helpful tips in the video below.

Why clickers?

  • Help your students interact with learning material and retain content.
  • Create spaces for voicing attitudes and preconceptions.
  • Gather data to understand learning and adjust instruction as necessary.
  • Facilitate team dynamics, collaboration and competition.
  • Increase student participation.


For Instructors

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For Students

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