Preparing Your WebCT Course for Migration to Bb Learn

Preparing Your WebCT Course for Migration to Bb Learn

WebCT instructors and designers are encouraged to move their courses to Bb Learn as soon as they are able. WebCT will be unavailable after Spring semester 2012; before that point, you must move any WebCT course(s) you want to use anytime after Spring 2012 from WebCT to Bb Learn.

As you prepare to migrate to Bb Learn, there are some clean-up steps that will make your course transfer smoothly. Please review the list below and complete the steps for each WebCT course you plan to move to Bb Learn. If you have any questions or need assistance preparing your course, see Bb Help contact information.

1. Reset your WebCT Course

Reset your WebCT course to remove all Student Data. Click on the Teach tab. Then click Manage Course from under the Instructor Tools menu. Click Reset. You may choose to remove any co-designers and/or teaching assistants before you reset the course. This process does lock you out of your course for a little bit while it processes. Please be patient!

2. Delete Unneeded Files

Go into the File Manager and delete any files that you do not need any more. If you are in doubt as to whether or not you want to keep the files, you can download the files to your local hard drive for safe-keeping.
Click on the Build tab. Then click on the File Manager under the Designer Tools menu.

3. Delete old Announcements

Go into the Announcements tool and delete all Announcements that are no longer applicable to the course.

4. Delete old Discussion Boards

Go into the Discussion Boards tool and delete all Discussion topics that are no longer applicable to the course.

5. Delete old Assignments

Go into the Assignments tool and delete all Assignments that are no longer applicable to the course.

6. Delete old Assessments

Go into the Assessments tool and delete all Assessments that are no longer applicable to the course.
Remember, that deleting the Assessment does not delete the questions from the Question Database. If you are comfortable removing the unwanted questions, delete them from the Question Database.

7. Remove all Selective Release Criteria

Remove any and all Selective Release Criteria throughout the course. You can recreate them once your course has been moved to Bb Learn.

8. Congratulations! You are now ready to move your course to Bb Learn.

Please fill out the Course Request Form. When requesting creation of a copy of a WeCT course in Blackboard, be sure to read the instructions carefully to match your course needs. During the request process, you may add instructors and designers, copy past course content, and select the sections associated with the course. You will have to add students at a later date. An email will be sent once the Course Request task is complete.