Examples of Inclusive, Professionalism and Mutual Respect Statements for Your Syllabi

Note: The examples below include the full website information to provide a means for instructors to copy and paste the information into a printable document. Learn more about Universal Design for Learning from CELT’s Accessify Your Course website.


  • Related to ISU’s Principles of Community, “Students are responsible for living the tenets established in ISU’s Principles of Community: Respect, Purpose, Cooperation, Richness of Diversity, Freedom from discrimination, and the Honest and respectful expression of ideas. Visit ISU’s Principles of Community website (http://www.diversity.iastate.edu/principles-of-community)
  • Regarding a student’s name, gender identity and/or gender expression, “Class rosters are provided to the instructor with the student’s legal name. I will gladly honor your request to address you by an alternate name or gender pronoun. Please advise me of this preference early in the semester so that I may make appropriate changes to my records.”
  • Promoting student health and wellness, “Iowa State University is committed to proactively facilitating the well-being of all students. We welcome and encourage students to contact the following on-campus services for assistance regarding their physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, environmental, financial, social, and/or emotional needs:
    • Student Wellness call (515) 294-1099 or via the website (http://studentwellness.iastate.edu);
    • Thielen Student Health Center call (515) 294-5801 (24/7 Medical Advice) or via the website (http://www.cyclonehealth.org);
    • Student Counseling Services call (515) 294-5056 or via the website (https://counseling.iastate.edu);
    • Recreation Services call (515) 294-4980 or via the website (http://recservices.iastate.edu).
    • Students dealing with heightened feelings of sadness or hopelessness, thoughts of harm or suicide, or increased anxiety may contact the ISU Crisis Text Line (Text ISU to 741-741) or contact the ISU Police Department (515) 294-4428.”
  • Fostering a safe community, “Green Dot Project: A green dot is any choice, behavior, word or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for power-based personal violence in our Iowa State University community. A green dot is anything you do to make our community safer. What is your Green Dot? Visit the Green Dot – Student Wellness website (http://www.studentwellness.iastate.edu/greendot/).”
  • About mutual respect and professionalism, “You are expected to treat your instructor and all other participants in the course with courtesy and respect. Your comments to others should be factual, constructive, and free from harassing statements. You are encouraged to disagree with other students, but such disagreements need to be based upon facts and documentation (rather than prejudices and personalities). It is the instructor’s goal to promote an atmosphere of mutual respect in the classroom. Please contact the instructor if you have suggestions for improving the classroom environment. It is preferable if students discuss issues directly with the instructor, however, students may also leave a note in the instructor’s mailbox.
  • Relevant to the ISU Inclusive Language policy stating, “All university publications and communication, whether oral or written, shall use inclusive language and illustrations. Inclusive language refers to language that makes every attempt to include comprehensively all groups in the community. Whenever possible, selection of academic materials will also reflect efforts to uphold this university policy.” Visit the Policy Library’s Inclusive Language website (http://www.policy.iastate.edu/policy/language).
  • Related to University policies, “Students in this course are responsible for being familiar with the University’s student rules and policies. Visit the ISU Policy Library website (http://www.policy.iastate.edu/).”