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Course Planning & Teaching Resources

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching offers a wide variety of resources for college teachers who wish to practice effective teaching strategies and enhance student learning.

Each semester's programming includes workshops on various teaching topics, university-wide Faculty Forums, and Teaching and Learning Circles. One-on-one consultation and classroom obervations are also available.

For faculty planning a course, CELT staff can offer feedback on syllabi, discuss course objectives, and consult on learning outcomes. Suggestions and examples for faculty at the beginning of the semester and over the course of the term are available through our virtual classroom visits.

CELT also offers ideas on techniques for teaching both large and small classes, and strategies for effective assessment both during the semester (formative assessment) and at the end of the course (summative assessment).

For assessment of teaching, CELT has compiled Resources Related to Peer Review of Teaching as well as a statement of best practices for the Peer Evaluation of Teaching in cases where it plays a role in personnel decisions such as promotion and the granting of tenure.

The CELT Library, located in 3024 Morrill Hall, has an array of materials relating to all aspects of teaching and learning as well as professional development of college teachers and academic administrators.

The TA Handbook, including information and help for new teachers on grading, classroom management, professional development and more is available as part of CELT's Teaching Resources.

CELT also publishes a quarterly newsletter and sends a weekly email to more than 1000 subscribers.

Course Planning


Disabilities (ISU Dean of Students Office)

Diversity Resources

First Day of Classes: 101 Ideas for a Great Start

First-Day Tips for Large Class Instruction (useful for smaller classes too)

First Day of Class (The Ohio State University)

First Day of Class — A Day of Missed Opportunities? (UNC at Chapel Hill)


Teaching Philosophy Statement

Technology for Teaching and Learning

WebCT: Getting Started

Specific Approaches and Techniques

Case Study Teaching in Science (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)

Collaborative Learning (National Institute for Science Education)

Cooperative Learning (Cooperative Learning Center, University of Minnesota)

Problem-Based Learning (University of Delaware)

Service-Learning (Iowa State University)

Team-Based Learning (University of Oklahoma)

Teaching and Classroom Practice

CELT Teaching Tips

Classroom Discussions

Classroom Observation / Course Consultation

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Clickers for Student Engagement

Determining Prior Knowledge: What Students Know and Believe

Difficult Dialogues

In-class Activities and WebCT

Large Classes

Modeling Effective Teaching

Peer Evaluation of Teaching

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

Small-Group Discussions

Student Evaluation of Teaching

Student - Faculty Interviews

Teaching in Times of Crisis

Top 10 Teaching Mistakes

Teaching and Learning - General Interest

A Model of Learning Objectives (based on A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing:
A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Student Guide to Essay Exams

Student Guide to Multiple Choice Exams