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In the Chronicle’s The Case for Inclusive Teaching article we explored what is inclusive pedagogy. Gannon stated, “It is a mind-set, a teaching-and-learning worldview, more than a discrete set of techniques. But that mind-set does value specific practices which, research suggests, are effective for a mix of students.” More specifically:

  • It values course design. Inclusive teaching asks us to critically examine not just the way we teach on a day-to-day basis, but the prep work and organization we do before the course begins.
  • It values discernment. As faculty members, we must regularly ask ourselves: What biases am I carrying, and how do I counteract their effects?
  • It values a sense of belonging. How do we erode those old inequities and power imbalances in the classroom? By intentionally using teaching strategies that promote a sense of belonging, a critical element of student learning, and thus, of student success writ large.

This is a curated list of inclusive teaching resources. If you have a resource that would be useful for teaching inclusively at Iowa State please email

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