Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Today’s university classrooms are more diverse than in the past. With this diversity of students comes the need to ensure the learning environments associated with courses are inclusive and designed to support all students.

In these more diverse classrooms, there is need to acknowledge and accept students with perspectives other than our own, to diversify our syllabi, to be more aware of classroom dynamics, and to pay more attention to how our students are experiencing the learning process. Our collective ability to respond to, and be enriched by, these challenges will determine the success of both our students and our institution.

Through professional development programs, consultations, and resources, CELT supports creating learning environments where the social identities and diverse backgrounds of all students may thrive. The following links are selected from ISU online resources that support creating an inclusive learning environment:

Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive pedagogy at its core is a student-centered approach to teaching that faculty create an inviting and engaging learning environment to all the students with

Facilitating Critical Dialogues

If your syllabus includes controversial topics you will want to plan ahead and anticipate difficult and emotional classroom discussions. These discussions may include multiple

Inclusive Classroom Programs

The resources found on CELT’s Creating an Inclusive Classroom website, and the programs below are to support our faculty as they work towards building

Accessify Your Course

Accessible courses and course content require a little more planning and work upfront. This website provides resources that will help plan, develop, and implement

Universal Design for Learning Overview

What is Universal Design for Learning? Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an approach to curriculum and teaching that provides equal opportunities for learning

Inclusive Teaching Resources

In the Chronicle’s The Case for Inclusive Teaching article we explored what is inclusive pedagogy. Gannon stated, “It is a mind-set, a teaching-and-learning worldview,