Class Climate: Online Course Evaluations

Class Climate is a web-based course evaluation tool available at Iowa State University. Class Climate helps to assess student learning and teacher effectiveness, of which the end-of-term course evaluation is one form of measurement among many. Class Climate was developed as an effective web-based tool for comprehensively implementing and processing surveys for quality assurance purposes. The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) offers online course evaluation technical support for University departments using Class Climate.

Help & Support

If you have any questions, please contact Course Evaluation support at (515) 294-5357 or

  • For Instructors includes information about the process and how each department at Iowa State University has local control of the departmental questionnaire, course evaluation time period, and reports.  If you have specific departmental questions please contact your departmental administrator. The results are confidential to the instructor and the Chair or Dept./College Designee; they are the only ones who can access the results unless the instructor gives permission.
  • For Students explains the importance of course evaluations, how to access the evaluations, and who reads the course evaluation reports.
  • For Departmental Course Evaluation Administrators outlines the effective practices and guidelines for the local departmental administrator.
  • For a list of who administers the departmental course evaluations visit the Departmental Course Evaluation Administrators Directory (GoogleDoc) website

Features of Class Climate

  • Course/Instructor/Enrolled Student data is populated daily each morning from the Office of the Registrar database
  • Data collection via anonymous online surveys or evaluations
  • Captures comment fields from the online surveys
  • Instant reporting features
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Visit examples of surveys, participant emails, and reports webpage section


  • Saves time and costs by reducing manual constraints
  • Easy creation of surveys – use of existing templates or start from scratch
  • Integrated with ISU Office of the Registrar course enrollment database which is updated daily


  • High degree of automation
  • Generates thousands of surveys in seconds
  • Manages multiple surveys simultaneously
  • Centralizes processes for consistency and manageability

Capturing Data

  • Survey links appear in a course in Canvas, view How to access My Survey Dashboard website
  • Online surveys may be scheduled and reminders will be distributed to only those who have not completed the survey


  • Detailed reporting & distribution functions
  • Immediate feedback reporting for Faculty

Further Analysis

  • Faculty may work with a departmental course evaluation administrator to add additional specific course/curriculum questions for an evaluation
  • Flexible evaluation options and raw data export (SPSS and .csv)
  • Facilitates evidence-based management for continuous improvement