• “A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

    The great Chinese thinker Laozi’s words could apply perfectly to the transition from teaching in Blackboard to Canvas. As I shared last week, in Confessions of a Procrastinator, I have not yet built my course in Canvas, but this week I started and here are some tips to help you take that first step. Start […]

  • Fight the Fear: Confessions of a Procrastinator

    As Interim Director of CELT, I have participated in CELT-led workshops, sat in on implementation team meetings, and spoken all over campus about the transition from Blackboard to Canvas. However, I still have not built my spring 2018 course in Canvas. Sure, I thought about the wonderful features that Canvas would let me do, such […]

  • Canvas… Get Started Now.

    Arne Hallam: Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Economics Professor, and Canvas Early adopter shares his advice for this edition of the Teaching Tip. With Blackboard access ending on January 5, 2018, we asked Dr. Arne Hallam, a Canvas early adopter, for his advice on learning the new learning management system in this brief […]

  • Advice from a Canvas early adopter, “Be patient. Breathe deeply. Get help [with Canvas].”

    In our previous Tip (ISU is turning off access to Blackboard on January 5, 2018) we shared 5 ways to successfully prepare for making the transition from teaching in Blackboard to Canvas. In this issue, our CELT team thought you may be interested in the results of the Canvas early adopter survey. As you may […]

  • ISU is turning off access to Blackboard on January 5, 2018

    On January 5, 2018, Iowa State University will be turning off all access to Blackboard. All Spring 2018 courses that use ISU’s centrally supported LMS will be taught in Canvas. Below are five important steps for the move: Download all grades from Blackboard. When fall semester ends you will want to download the gradecenter, grade […]

  • The Value of an Inclusive Classroom & Campus

    October is just a few days away, and we should reflect on how we are meeting/exceeding Goal 4 of Iowa State University’s Strategic Plan, “Continue to enhance and cultivate the ISU Experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other.” To contribute […]

  • Engaged or not? That is the Question.

    One of the questions CELT receives on a regular basis is, “How can I engage my students in the course content?” Or, “How do I help my students engage with course content more meaningfully?” In the article titled, “ Engaged Learning: Are we all on the same page” Dr. Bowen (2005) observed that “engagement is […]

  • Get Started with Canvas, ISU’s New Learning Management System

    This past week the Iowa State Daily published a glowing opinion piece titled, ” Sinclair: Canvas replacing Blackboard is a change we needed.” To prepare for this “change” we encourage faculty, and staff to take advantage of the training opportunities and resources available to them. On September 5 and 6, CELT and ITS will be […]

  • Embracing Change and Opportunities

    Change and continuity are hallmarks of university life. Each semester, teaching and research routines enable us to fulfill professional responsibilities and expectations. We also embrace change, as each semester new students fill our classrooms and lab spaces with open minds and new opportunities to consider the ways in which we successfully teach our subjects. One […]

  • CELT Teaching Tip Schedule for 2017-2018

    CELT publishes a Teaching Tip, a bi-weekly email newsletter, that includes key resources for teaching effectively; as well as, upcoming programs relevant to teaching. The CELT Teaching Tip will be published bi-weekly throughout this academic year beginning on Thursday, August 17. Sign-up for the email newsletter, via the CELT Teaching Tip sign-up website. Sign-up for […]