Teaching Philosophy Video

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Susan Yager, Associate Professor in English and Faculty Director of the Iowa State University Honors Program, is a frequent lecturer in the Preparing Future Faculty program on the topic of writing your teaching philosophy statement.

In this video, Dr. Yager shares her experience in developing her own teaching philosophy statement as well as tips for the beginner writing for the first time.

Topics covered

  • Why is a teaching philosophy statement important?
  • What are the most important components of the teaching philosophy statement?
  • Why is it so difficult to write a teaching philosophy statement?
  • What are strategies to get started writing a teaching philosophy statement?
  • How long should your teaching philosophy statement be?

Also see

Lee Haugen’s take on writing a teaching philosophy statement, which covers:

  1. To what end?
  2. By what means?
  3. To what degree?
  4. Why?