Sample Questions

Student Evaluation of Teaching: Suggested Items for Student Evaluation of Teaching Forms

The following menu of items offers suggestions for possible use on student evaluation of teaching forms. These questions are designed to give faculty useful feedback regarding ways to enhance student learning in a course.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive. It is intended that colleges, departments and programs could select the items that are relevant to their classes and add other items as appropriate. For additional feedback, instructors could use these questions to gain formative feedback throughout the semester (by means of surveys, personal response system questions, Blackboard surveys, plus delta, etc.)

Response scale

The response scale should run 1–5 with 5 being the highest (strongly agree).

(1/A) Strongly Disagree, (2/B) Disagree, (3/C) Neutral, (4/D) Agree, (5/E) Strongly Agree
Where appropriate, include a "Does Not Apply" option that does not receive a point value.

Teaching methods/strategies/practices

  1. The instructor expresses clear expectations for my learning and performance in this class.
  2. The instructor clearly explains concepts.
  3. The instructor clarifies areas of confusion.
  4. The instructor uses effective teaching methods that enhance my learning.
  5. The instructor encourages me to raise questions or make comments.
  6. The instructor is well organized and prepared.
  7. The instructor challenges me to think.
  8. The instructor is available on an individual basis outside of class when I request it.
  9. The instructor uses technology effectively to advance my learning.
  10. The instructor contributes to improving my learning.

Student involvement/engagement

  1. I attend class regularly.
  2. I come to class prepared.
  3. I actively participate in discussions and projects.
  4. I have put a great deal of effort into advancing my learning in this course.
  5. In this course, I have been challenged to learn more than I expected.
  6. I am working up to my potential in this course.
  7. I have made my best effort to participate in this course.
  8. On average, I have spent ________ hours per week doing work outside of class for this course. (0–1 hour   2–4 hours   5–6 hours   7–8 hours   9+ hours)

Student learning/affect

  1. I have learned a lot in this class.
  2. This class has increased my interest in this field of study.
  3. The instructor shows respect and concern for students.
  4. I believe that what I am being asked to learn in this course is important.

Evaluation of course materials (resources, assignments, assessments)

  1. The assignments in this course have enhanced my learning.
  2. The tests accurately assess what I have learned in this course.
  3. The instructor has high standards for achievement in this class.
  4. The instructor provides clear evaluation criteria.
  5. The instructor grades consistently with the evaluation criteria.
  6. The assignments are returned quickly enough to benefit my learning.
  7. The exam results are returned quickly enough to benefit my learning.
  8. The feedback I have received on my work has enhanced my learning.

General summative

  1. Overall, the instructor has been an effective teacher.
  2. Overall, this course has been effective in advancing my learning.