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Difficult Dialogues Web Resources

Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom

The author provides instructors with strategies for turning difficult encounters into learning opportunities that effectively address controversial topics in classroom discussions.

Tips for Teachers: Sensitivity to Women in the Contemporary Classroom

The author recommends strategies and techniques in creating contemporary classrooms that are more inclusive to women.

Guidelines for Discussion of Racial Conflict and the Language of Hate, Bias, and Discrimination

The Author provides a step by step guide to facilitate classroom discussions, spontaneous or planned.

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

This article describes ways instructors can create a supportive learning environment for all students.

Teaching in a Racially Diverse College Classrooms

This article addresses some of the issues instructors face when teaching in a multicultural context. The article includes information about preparing for class, promoting an inclusive classroom environment, and dealing with hot moments and hot topics.

Fostering Dialogues Across Divides: Nuts and Bolts Guide

This is a user friendly guide to dialogue that addresses a way of thinking about dialogue and core principles while advising on each phase of the dialogue process.  The guide also provides sample formats, questions, invitations, and handouts of the principles and practices described.

Dialogue | Beyond Intractability

This article is from an online database containing hundreds of articles that deal with intractable conflict. In this piece, the author discusses the need for dialogue, how dialogue differs from other central modes of communication, how to prepare for dialogue, the benefits of engaging in dialogue, and the limits of the dialogue approach. Overall, this article provides a brief but solid overview of basic approaches to dialogue.

Managing Classroom Conflict

The Author provides ways to assist faculty in using their classroom power to create a classroom climate that is inclusive, will clarify expectations, develop social cohesion, and conflict management. This is a guide for learning to design courses and student interactions with determined outcomes.  This Author also provides steps to assist with resolving conflict.

Teaching Controversial Issues: A four step Classroom Strategy for clear thinking on controversial issues

This Article addresses teaching controversial and complex issues.  It provides teaching strategies based on a four steps, based on a de-mystification process that required critical reflection and open mindedness.

Moving beyond Debate: Start a Dialogue

In this Article the Author defines dialogues and presents a layout of its importance in the classroom.  A table is provided that clearly presents the products of debate vs dialogue.