Engaged Faculty Institute on Service-Learning

Service-learning incorporates community work into the curriculum, giving students real-world learning experiences that enhance their academic learning while providing a tangible benefit for the community. Iowa State University is partnering with the Regents Institutions to offer an Engaged Faculty Institute on Service-Learning with support from Iowa Campus Compact. The in-depth institute focuses on developing community engagement skills and practices, including partnership, assessment, and reflection. You will work alongside community partners to co-create a course and/or a research project. The Engaged Faculty Institute is designed for those interested in developing a service-learning project or improving an existing project.

The Institute is open to all faculty: tenured, tenure-track, term, and staff with teaching responsibilities.

Selection criteria includes:

  • Representation across campus to be inclusive of as many colleges, departments and majors as possible
  • Ability to match a faculty member and their project to an agency/community partner

The Engaged Faculty Institute on Service-Learning will be held: May 22 at UNI’s campus and May 23 at ISU’s campus with an ongoing CELT-supported monthly learning community. Participants will receive $250 in professional development upon completion of the Institute.


Please email: engaged@iastate.edu

Application due:

Friday, February 1 at Noon.

To apply:

Submit your responses via CELT’s Engaged Faculty Institute Application (Qualtrics Survey web link).

Faculty and Staff who participated in the 2019 Engaged Faculty Institute on Service-Learning
The 2019 Engaged Faculty Institute on Service-Learning participants.