Attend the CELT-led Webinar on How-to Build a Simple Course in Canvas

In this 60-minute webinar, CELT staff will walk participants through the process of building a simple course in Canvas; as well as, direct participants to the extensive Canvas online resources, webinars, self-paced tutorials and 24/7 Canvas Support available. In addition, participants will become familiar with the CELT resources available to plan, develop, and implement Canvas courses in ways that reduce barriers to learning and facilitate meaningful participation by all students. Following the webinar, participants will be able to do the following basic tasks in Canvas:

  • Set a course homepage
  • Edit the Syllabus description and other Pages
  • Customize course navigation
  • Create three Assignment Groups on the Assignment Page
  • Add Assignment Shells to assignment Groups
  • Edit Assignment Details for a Paper, and a Graded Discussion
  • Add a Rubric to an Assignment (or Discussion)
  • Create or Import a Quiz (QTI .zip file)
  • Upload Course Files
  • Create and Add Content to a Module
  • Enroll Students
  • Publish a Course
  • Create an Announcement

Resources and webinar recordings will be made available on the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU website.

How to Register via Zoom

Register to view one of the following webinars via Zoom by clicking on the Zoom link below:

(Note: Each webinar is limited to 100 people). If you need assistance connecting via Zoom visit Zoom’s Support website OR contact ISU’s Solution Center at 515-294-4000.

Tip: Attendees are encouraged to watch the two Welcome to Canvas video recordings as prerequisites for onsite training, to provide a baseline of content knowledge in the platform.

Download a Canvas Simple Canvas Course (PDF)