How to Apply and Information for New / Continuing PFF Participants

Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) Application Process

To participate in the PFF program, you must be in at least the second year of a master’s or Ph.D. program at Iowa State, or in a postdoctoral appointment. If North American English is not your native language, you must have taken the Oral English Certification Test (OECT) test before applying to the PFF program. If admitted, you must have at least a Level 2 Oral English Certification Test (OECT) pass in order to continue with the second semester of the program. Beyond second semester, you must have a Level 1 (highest level) OECT pass in order to continue in the program. To ensure a test time, you should register for the OECT well in advance of the PFF application deadline.

To apply to the PFF program submit:

  • Visit PD@ISU website to complete the online PFF application.
  • A current vita
  • A letter of recommendation from an Iowa State University tenure-track faculty member

*Applications are due by March 1 for the fall semester PFF class.*

Note: if you have previously applied to the PFF program, please re-submit all materials for the new application cycle.

PFF Program Resources for Continuing Participants

PFF Forms are available on the PD@ISU website

Forms Required Every Semester

Gr St 585, 586, 587, 588 Mentor-Mentee Agreement Forms

Participants Enrolled in Gr St 586 

Gr St 586 Signup Form

Gr St 586 Teaching Component Form

Gr St 586 Teaching Observation Agreement Form

Participants Enrolled in Gr St 587 and 588 

Gr St 587 Signup Form

Gr St 587 Project Proposal Form

Gr St 587 Teaching Observation Agreement Form

Gr St 588 Signup Form

Gr St 588 Project Proposal Form

PFF Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Download PFF Student Manual (PDF) (Note: All forms are now completed on the PD@ISU website)

For more information please contact:

Karen M Bovenmyer
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching – PFF
3024 Morrill Hall
(515) 294-4065