Using on-location interviews and Lightboard technology in Supply Chain Management

Project Leader: Scott Grawe, Supply Chain Management and Information System (pictured)
Collaborators: N/A
Courses Impacted: SCM 466
Annual Enrollment: 50
Estimated Completion: Spring 2015

The project will provide a few new features, but a significantly different learning experience for the students. The readings and assessments will be similar to what has been offered in the past, but the lecture content will be much different with the addition of audio and video components to be consumed online. Instead of moving content around to accommodate guest lectures, interviews will be recorded and made available on Blackboard for the students in a podcast format to be consumed in a logical learning sequence. Additionally, lectures will be recorded using Panopto with Microsoft OneNote and a new Lightboard technology. The Lightboard will allow the instructor to face the camera while using whiteboard tools to illustrate key course concepts. The course will be offered using tools available through Blackboard. By making all of the content available online, all aspects can easily be reviewed at any time. In addition to the online content, the class will meet one time per week to go through learning cases and various activities designed to maximize learning.