Transforming “Introduction to Sociology” using experiential learning, group discussions, and peer-reviews SOC 134

Project Leader: Dan Krier, Sociology (pictured)
Collaborators: None.
Courses Impacted: SOC 134
Annual Enrollment: 750
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

The Sociology Department has downsized at the same time that enrollments have surged. Student demand for courses has led to increased class sizes, especially in lower level courses like Sociology 134, which is now taught in large enrollment auditorium sections with little graduate teaching assistance.  This places certain restrictions upon pedagogy:  lectures and passive learning predominate over discussion and active engagement,while student writing has been entirely displaced by automatically-graded multiple-choice exams and quizzes. The goal of this proposal is to technologically transform the class into a “hybrid course” to foster active student by substituting in-class lectures with a) experiential learning, b) group discussion and c) peer-reviewed writing.