Redevelopment of an Introductory Course in Transportation Engineering: Incorporating Team-Based Learning in a Flipped Classroom Environment

Project Leader: Peter Savolainen, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (pictured)
Collaborators: Shauna Hallmark, Omar Smadi, Anuj Sharma, JingDong, and Aliye Karabulut.
Courses Impacted: CE 355
Annual Enrollment: 200
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

The flipped format of this course aims to increase oneonone interaction with students, enhance ability to effectively assess shortterm measures of student learning, and improve the quality of student instruction. Ultimately, the proposed effort is aimed at satisfying the following objectives:

  1. To transform the manner in which CE 355 is taught;
  2. To provide foundational instructional material that can be utilized in CE 355, as well as subsequent undergraduate and graduate level courses; 
  3. To leverage the unique instructional capabilities offered by the newly opened, stateof-theart Traffic Operations Laboratory at the Institute for Transportation (InTrans); and
  4. To facilitate student interest in undergraduate research and graduate school.