Problem-based active learning in Graphic Design

Project Leader: Lisa Fontaine, Graphic Design (pictured)
Collaborators: N/A
Courses Impacted: ARTGR 281
Annual Enrollment: 90
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

This proposal is to enhance the learning experience for an existing large lecture class. This lecture course (artgr 281) has existed for many years as an introduction to the theories in graphic design and branding. It is an opportunity to cover material that is impractical to cover in the graphic design studio courses. This year, due to popular demand, it was opened up to the students in the Bachelor of Design program; there are likely students in several other majors who would also find this course of interest, but with 90 students it is already difficult to effectively cover the material. We’d like to be able to engage the students in higher-level thinking, on topics such as communication theory, design thinking, social responsibility and community engagement. But these are best taught in a participatory atmosphere, which the large lecture format doesn’t allow. By moving part of the course content out of the classroom, there could be discussions in recitation sections that would facilitate teamwork and problem-solving experiences. There could be 6 recitation sections with 20 students each, meeting once per week to expand on the online content.