Mechanical Engineering Design through Hybrid Learning

Project Leader: Jacqulyn Baughman, Mechanical Engineering (pictured)
Collaborators: Matt Hagge, Gloria Starns, Jim Heise, Sebastien Feve, and Matthew Darden
Courses Impacted: ME 170, 270, 415, 466
Annual Enrollment 1540
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

The development of high quality instructional materials that can be used in multiple courses would provide the ability to reach hundreds of students concurrently with considerable impact and positively impact students. The ME Design through Hybrid Learning Project Team will be working to develop instructional-based videos that can be used throughout Mechanical Engineering design curriculum. The targeted courses comprise four key Mechanical Engineering design chain courses: ME 170, 270, 415, & 466. These courses are linked through prerequisites, which represent the accumulation of knowledge as students sequence through these 4 engineering design courses. The high level of connectivity between these design chain courses is reflected in the course content. With the increasing student enrollment in ME, come challenges related to consistent course delivery and quality of instruction. These circumstances necessitate the need to reduce variability, and improve efficiency for both instruction and the student’s ability to access information inside and outside of the classroom. Adoption of a hybrid teaching model would meet this identified need.