How Things are Built: Multimedia Demonstrations for Hybrid Learning

Project Leader: Brad Perkins, and Aliye Karabulut, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (pictured)
Collaborators: Jennifer Shane, Bruce Bassler, Charles Jahren
Courses Impacted: ConE 241, 251; CE 306; ARCH 245
Annual Enrollment: 355
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

Construction knowledge, especially materials and methods, are foundational for three majors: ConstructionEngineering, Civil Engineering, and Architecture. Therefore, the content created for this course can be used by other programs such as Civil Engineering and Architecture. The motivation for this proposed course development project is threefold:

  1. Collaborate with alumni and industry partners in developing short video modules in demonstrating how the construction tasks are performed: It will help students visualize the process as well as connecting what they learn in an isolated classroom environment to reallife applications. In doing so, this will create a multimedia resource library that can be (re)used in different courses.
  2. The content covered in this course is also covered and/or expanded in subsequent courses in the Construction Engineering program or other programs (i.e. Civil Engineering, Architecture). Therefore, the videos created for ConE 241 will also be used in CE 306, ConE 322,ARCH 245. 
  3. Store the videos on a server and link them to the department website so that students can use them as review materials at any time of their studies.