Flipping Purchasing for Supply Chain Management

Project Leader: Eric Smith, Supply Chain Management and Information System (pictured)
Collaborators: N/A
Courses Impacted: SCM 486
Annual Enrollment: 200
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

During the summer of 2015, instructor of the course will change SCM 486 (Purchasing for Supply Chain Management) into a “Flipped Course.”  This course is already taught using methods of discovering in an interactive and collaborative environment.  A great deal of class-time is spent preparing students with in-class challenges used for interactive discussion and collaborative learning.  This course is also very project oriented and a great deal of time is spent preparing students for projects.  Instructor of the course is also planning to create videos instructing students on these preparation processes and transform some of the preparation activities that are done in class into online activities.  This course will be further enhanced through follow-up quizzing to make sure the students have engaged in the preparation processes.  Additionally, videos will be made for concepts that the students will benefit by seeing information “live” or “at location.”  These media and processes will be delivered through blackboard.