Flipping Instruction and Requiring Student Mastery in Intermediate Managerial Accounting

Project Leader: Christine Denison, Accounting (pictured)
Collaborators: N/A
Courses Impacted: ACCT 383
Annual Enrollment: 300
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

This project will result in a new delivery method for ACCT 383: Intermediate Managerial Accounting, a junior-level course required for all Accounting majors.  Lectures will be delivered by video, which students will watch as homework.  Class time will be spent working problems, completing group projects, and completing assessments.  The course will be divided into three modules, with the most important course material concentrated in Module 1.  To receive a C in the course, students must demonstrate mastery of Module 1 material.  Mastery of Modules 1 – 2 is required for a B, and mastery of all material is required for an A.  This mastery model will require flexibility, so students can work at their own pace and retake assignments as needed.  The benefit of the mastery model is that students, instructors, and employers can be assured that any student who received at least a C in the course has demonstrated mastery of all concepts required by the course objectives.