Flipped “Fundamentals of Technology” to improve student learning

Project Leader: Chenxu Yu, Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (pictured)
Collaborators: None
Courses Impacted: TSM 210
Annual Enrollment: 180
Estimated Completion: Spring, Fall 2015

As a required course for technology students in the department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering, TSM 210 class has a mixed population: students of all academic ranks can be found in this entry level class. Meeting all their needs poses a unique challenge: we need to make sure the content is not too advanced for freshmen/sophomores, at the same time we also need to make sure it is interesting enough to engage transferred-in juniors and seniors. Putting some of the class instruction online as pre-recorded videos is one of the approaches that has been gaining acceptance with students to increase their interest and engagement. In doing this, students can learn the course materials at their own pace, and they get to repeatedly watch the online videos when necessary. Freshmen/sophomores spend in general more time in watching the videos, and they get to understand the content better, while juniors/seniors can learn the materials much faster, and hence utilize their time more effectively. During the contact hours we are focusing on problem-solving.