Facilitating Hybrid and Flipped Classes in ECpE via a Library of Cross-cutting Learning Modules

Project Leader: Larry Genalo, Material Science and Engineering (pictured)
Annual Enrollment: 500
Estimated Completion: Spring, Fall 2015

As enrollment grows offering a lab-rich program like our Mat E major (and many other majors in engineering and the sciences) becomes time and resource (equipment, lab room space, faculty time, etc.) constrained. This project is to eliminate the need for doing multiple “pre-lab” sessions for courses with multiple lab sections. The concept is to create online self-contained lessons, including videos on the specific lab equipment, which train the students on the proper, safe methods of using the equipment. Students will also have lab-of-the-day specific instructions about the specific experiment being performed in that class. Students will have to pass an online quiz testing their knowledge of safety procedures and standard operating procedures for the equipment. Instructors will be able to add experiment-specific questions to the quizzes if desired. Once a lesson and video are created for a specific piece of equipment, that lesson can be used again in later courses that also employ that equipment. Since some of our equipment is the same or similar to equipment also used in other departments (e.g. ME has Instructions on machines for their labs), these lessons and quizzes will be made available for others to use.