Developing Support and Delivery Materials for a Team Based Learning (TBL) Calculus Course

Project Leader: Elgin Johnston, Mathematics (pictured)
Collaborators: Heather Bolles.
Courses Impacted: MATH 165
Annual Enrollment: 2500
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

Math 165, Calculus I, is the first of the fundamental calculus courses required of all students in Engineering and in many of the sciences. Though mastery of the skills and concepts in this course is essential for students studying engineering and science, faculty in these major departments report that many students have trouble recalling and applying the ideas seen in the calculus. Our goal is to redesign the instructional model for Math 165, resulting in a more student centered classroom in which students are more engaged in significant problems solving activities and activities more closely aligned to applications they will see in later courses in their major.  To free significant amounts of class time for such activities we will design online resources to support students outside of class in their preparation for the in class activities.