Creating and Implementing an Automated Peer Review Process for Team-Based Learning Classes

Project Leader: Jane Rongerude, Community and Regional Planning (pictured)
Collaborators: Holly Bender, Beth Caissie, Jared Danielson, Cassandra Dorius, Meghan Gillette, Shannon Hostetter, Zayira Jordan, Monica Lamm, Laura Merrick, Jeanna Nation, Lisa Orgler, and Cris Schwartz.
Courses Impacted: Agron 342; ChE 210; CRP 383; HCI 596; HDFS 102, 227, 249, 383; Hort 444; UST 301; Agron 342; Geol 101; Hort 380; HSFS 227; CRP 417/517; HCI 522; UST 302; VPTH 425
Annual Enrollment: 700
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015, Spring 2016

The project develops a new ThinkSpace-based delivery approach for peer assessment and group feedback for Team-Based Learning (TBL) courses. Peer assessment and group interaction and feedback are central components of TBL pedagogy. Although a handful of peer assessment softwares exist, none of these tools communicate with Blackboard and most do not have essential features required by TBL faculty. As a result, peer assessment is a time intensive process that requires instructors to create, collect, manually calculate, and distribute results to students. The proposed tool will provide a more efficient and secure method for collecting peer assessments and disseminating results. The Sixth Edge Company will work with the project faculty team to develop the tool through a user centered design process. Once the Beta version is complete, the faculty team will pilot the tool in 17 TBL courses during the 2015/2016 school year.