Before You Flip Out: Preparing Open Option Students for Team-Based & Blended Learning Experiences

Project Leader: Autumn Cartagena, Liberal Arts and Sciences (pictured)
Collaborators: Elizabeth Zimmerman, Emily Olson, Dan McCurley, Dylan West, and Sarah Anthoney.
Courses Impacted: LAS 101
Annual Enrollment: 530
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015



Team-Based–come again?

Too often, we use terminology for classroom delivery and design that our students are unfamiliar with. This can be an overwhelming experience for our first-semester students.  Beginning in Fall 2015, LAS 101 (Orientation for Open Option students) will aim to help new students become familiar with new class formats (the team-based flipped classroom) and commonly used technologies (Blackboard, Clickers). Being exposed to significant content before class will also help students start to gain valuable academic self-management skills and will allow instructors to utilize face-to-face class time to address transitional issues such as academic preparation, exploring potential career paths, and connecting with resources and staff across campus. By being asked to work together and make decisions with their team mates throughout the semester, students will gain a foundation in the skill set that we hope they will further develop throughout their undergraduate career.