A Flipped Approach to Creating an Active-learning Classroom

Project Leader: Laura Ellingson, Kinesiology (pictured)
Collaborators: None.
Courses Impacted: KIN 467
Annual Enrollment: 90
Estimated Completion: Fall 2015

Evidence demonstrates that providing opportunities for students to actively engage in course materials during class enhances learning. Thus, the primary purpose of this project is to develop materials in order to “flip” my classroom to allow class time to be devoted more towards activities as opposed to traditional lectures. To do this, over the course of spring and summer semesters I will modify a series of existing presentations (traditional lectures) and record them with voice-over. Students will then view these presentations as homework prior to coming to class. I will also be creating in-class activities and assignments to promote deeper understanding and application of materials introduced in the online presentations. Examples of in-class activities include discussions of difficult material and readings, case-study activities and practicing counseling techniques. The effects of this approach will be gauged by comparing test scores from prior semesters with those following implementation of these materials.