Teaching and Learning Communities

Teaching and Learning Communities are made up of individuals (faculty, staff, graduate teaching assistants) from across campus who attend monthly or bi-weekly meetings to engage in a specific topic related to teaching and learning. 

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ISU Online Learning Community (ISU-OLC)

ThinkSpace Learning Community

Top Hat Learning Community

ISU Online Learning Community (ISU-OLC) (formerly ISU-BUG)

Meets on the following Fridays (11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., 2030 Morrill Hall):

  • 2017: August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10, December 8
  • 2018: January 12, February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11

The purpose of the ISU-OLC is to share campus best practices to improve online teaching and learning; see how others are using the University Learning Management System (LMS) to create innovative learning experiences, inform the campus about existing and new web-based instructional technologies, participate in new technology testing and evaluation; as well as, to leverage LMS expertise, experience and training resources across campus. In addition, this group will be asked to inform future activities surrounding ISU’s migration to a new LMS software product. To learn about this process and timeline visit ISU’s Learning Management System website. Audience: faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. Registration is required at least one-day prior for this learning community via Learn@ISU website.

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ThinkSpace Learning Community

Meets on the following Fridays (2:10 – 3:30 p.m., 2030 Morrill Hall):

  • Fall 2017: September 22, October 6, October 20, November 3 and December 1

We welcome you to join the ThinkSpace Learning Community (TLC) where ISU faculty meet to create exceptional learning opportunities for students. Centering on ThinkSpace, an active learning and problem solving platform with a set of unique, powerful pedagogical tools, the TLC is designed to help you take your students’ learning to higher levels— learning that builds problem solving skills required in the workplace.  TLC colleagues exchange new ideas and novel ways of infusing active learning into face-to-face, online, blended learning or flipped classrooms. TLC meetings support veteran ThinkSpace users, new comers, as well as those “just curious.” Members will showcase exemplary ThinkSpace use by faculty across campus and in many disciplines- encouraging discussions on best practices and experiences, facilitating research collaborations and brainstorming solutions to instructional problems. We invite you to join this supportive and vibrant community to help you create exciting learning experiences in your classrooms.

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Top Hat Learning Community

Instructors who participate in the Top Hat Learning Community share best practices of teaching and learning with audience response technology in general, and the Top Hat interactive teaching platform in particular, create innovative and meaningful learning experiences in classrooms and beyond and leverage Top Hat expertise and resources across campus.  In Fall 2017, a series of three conversations will revolve around the following topics:

Academic Integrity and Top Hat
Tuesday, September 12 (11:30 am – 1:00 pm, 2030 Morrill Hall)
The first session in a three-event series focuses on classroom solutions to address academic dishonesty. When Top Hat, a cloud-based interactive platform is integrated into routine learning activities that ought to be tracked, establishing the baseline for academic honesty is integral to student success.

Student voices through open-ended questions and discussions
Tuesday, November 7 (11:30 am – 1:00 pm, 2030 Morrill Hall)
The last session is dedicated to using Top Hat for asking open-ended questions and discussions in order to create spaces for course-wide engagement.