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Submitting Test and Evaluation Service (Bubblesheet) Forms


About ISU AdminTools

Using ISU AdminTools

Submitting TES Form

ABOUT ISU AdminTools

ISU AdminTools, available in Blackboard Learn’s Course Tools menu, allows instructors to manage enrollment, submit grades and submit Test & Evaluation Services (TES) forms so that scores are automatically uploaded to a Bb Learn Course.

NOTE: Certain functions of this tool (Auto-Enroll and Grade Submittal) can only be used by individuals who are listed as Instructors of Record according to the Registrar and also have the role of Instructor in the Blackboard course. If you need to be listed as an Instructor of Record, you need to contact your department secretary or the Registrar (Blackboard support staff cannot update Registrar records).

USING ISU AdminTools

The Edit Mode button: ON to edit; OFF to see what students see.
Go into your course and make sure Edit Mode (at upper right) is set to ON.

The Edit Mode button is located in the upper-right corner of each Course area and in any subfolders. With Edit Mode ON you can manage course content. With Edit Mode OFF you see what your students see.

The Edit Mode button: ON to edit; OFF to see what students see.

In the Control Panel, open the Course Tools submenu and select ISU AdminTools.


(NOTE: To submit grades by means of ISU AdminTools, you must have previously enrolled students in your course using ISU AdminTools.)

Test & Evaluation Services can transfer scores from bubble sheet exams directly into your Blackboard Learn course Grade Center. 

You must fill out the TES Form in Bb Learn and submit that with the answer key for your exam.

  1. In the ISU AdminTools panel, click the Testing Service tab.
  2. (The Instructor Name and Class Section are filled in automatically.)
  3. TES form screenshot

  4. You must enter the following:
    1. Your campus Phone Number;
    2. Date you will drop off the bubble sheets at TES;
    3. The Delivery Location;
    4. The Column Name in the Bb Learn Grade Center (You may identify a pre-existing Grade Center column.  If the column name your enter in this form does not exactly match the name of a column already in your Grade Center, a new one will be created):
    5. The Exam#, Quiz#, Midterm#, or Final#. (For example, if you are giving 3 quizzes, you may enter 1, 2, or 3 depending on which quiz you are giving next.);
    6. Email List should include email address(es) of each individual to be notified when the exams have been processed.
  5. The following fields are optional:
    1. Special Code Column Name;
    2. Any Special Instructions.
  6. Click Submit.

A confirmation of your TES Submission will appear that includes information that must be entered on the test key.

Print the TES Submission confirmation and bring a copy of it along with the answer sheets and key to the Solution Center, 195 Durham Center.

TES Submission Confirmation screenshot

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