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TurningPoint with PowerPoint

TurningPoint (TP) is an integrated plugin for PowerPoint that allows to create real-time interactive question slides. Your interactive presentation can be customized with graphs, count-down times, correct responses and response tables.

TurningPoint with PowerPoint works with standard RF clickers as well as smart devices when the ResponseWare is activated. To inquire about ResponseWare and learn how you can engage your students via web-enabled devices, contact CELT at

Choose to use TurningPoint with PowerPoint if…

  • You present information using PowerPoint.
  • You are a Windows/PC user.
  • You ask questions that use multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, Likert scale, picture options and comparative links.
  • You would like to engage your students in team polling.
  • You want to present questions, collect student responses, and generate reports.
TurningPoint - Interactive PowerPoint - PC Toolbar

TurningPoint with PowerPoint Ribbon

Get started

  1. Download and install TP. You must have administrative access in order to install the program on your machine.
  2. Upon TP installation, use the TP shortcut to open the program. You can change TP settings to always load TP when you launch PowerPoint.
  3. If you plan to track clicker responses, your students must register their RF clicker devices in your Blackboard Learn course.
  4. Schedule an individual appointment to learn more about using TP with PowerPoint in your teaching. Call us at 294-37 or email at Review the First time Clicker FAQ to learn what to expect during the consultation.
  5. Register for clicker workshops. See the workshop calendar for dates, times, and details.

Click here for TurningPoint with PowerPoint Instructor Check List

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