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eDoc: Electronic Portfolios

Although the concept of a portfolio is not new, an electronic portfolio is a collection of electronic information for developing or demonstrating competencies in a field of study. This may include artifacts (documents, presentations, audio and/or video clips, graphics, etc.) and reflections.

The process of creating a portfolio includes the common elements of collecting, selecting, reflecting, and projecting. When creating a portfolio, it is important to be aware of the purpose(s), which generally revolve around learning, assessment, and showcase. Other names for electronic portfolios are ePortfolios, Efolios, Webfolios, Website Portfolios, and more.

There are many different approaches to creating electronic portfolio software: homegrown, open-source, commercial, common-tools, and hybrids. To explore various resources, options, and initiatives regarding electronic portfolios in higher education, visit the Electronic Portfolio Consortium.

eDoc is a a legacy application that was developed here at Iowa State. It is currently being used by only one department.

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