• What defines effective teaching, and how do we measure it? Plus, four exciting CELT opportunities (Teaching Tip)

    Dear ISU Community, CELT will have four exciting opportunities for you to engage, connect, and participate in enhancing the teaching and learning mission of Iowa State University. Please direct any questions to me at sbb@iastate.edu. Looking forward to hearing from you! Sara Marcketti View the four exciting opportunities: Seeking applications for two CELT Faculty Fellows positions […]

  • How do you know your online course is meeting the needs of your students?

    Do you ever wonder if there is a way to receive feedback on your online courses? Quality Matters (QM), is a nation-wide, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. The QM Rubric includes 8 standards to improve your course: Course Overview and Introduction Learning Objectives (Competencies) Assessment […]

  • Welcome back…..thinking about next semester? Strategies for tracking adjustments to your class

    Was your first week of teaching just what you had planned? Or are there already changes that you would like to make next time you teach the course? One of the common questions that CELT staff receives is, “how do I keep track of changes that I want to make for next term?” There are […]

  • Achieving Teaching Success: How CELT Can Support You

    In June 2018, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) invited stakeholders to complete a short survey about the importance of and satisfaction with CELT programs, resources, and services. To begin analysis we used the WordItOut web-based tool to create a word cloud based upon responses to the question, “What three words would […]

  • Canvas is implemented, Now Submit your Grades!

    Spring semester 2018 grades are due by May 9th at 2:15pm. Follow this end of semester checklist to guide you through the end of the semester process in Canvas via the End of Semester Checklist website. You may also submit grades through AccessPlus. Spring semester marked the implementation of Canvas as the centrally-supported learning management […]

  • Preparing for Final Exams, The Sound of Silence

    Last week, I asked my students in my 200-level “Creativity on Demand” course “how will you prepare for the final oral presentation to ensure it is professional?” You could have heard a pin drop. Hmm, I wondered, why were they all looking at me, but no one was responding? I waited the requisite 8 seconds […]

  • Good Teaching Counts: What a Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Professor do with student evaluations

    It may still be March, but perhaps you have already thought about the end of spring semester 2018. What do you usually do with the end of course evaluations from students? I have heard some faculty say they dig right in to the evaluations and start making changes to their syllabus as soon as possible […]

  • Now that midterms are almost done, how to prepare students for their next exam?

    Many instructors grow weary of hearing the question “what’s going to be on the test?” And further, some struggle with helping students effectively study for the exams. In a 2016 Teaching Professor Blog, writer Maryellen Weimer provided teaching activities that can make exam sessions more productive for students and less of a chore for instructors. […]

  • Using Open Educational Resources to Foster Innovation in Teaching

    As the cost of course materials in higher education has climbed to $1,250 a year for undergraduates ( view the Trends in College Pricing 2017 [PDF]) , educators across the United States are beginning to adopt Open Educational Resources (OER) to save students money and encourage student success. OER are openly licensed educational materials that are […]

  • Advancing student learning while providing valuable teaching feedback

    The terms assessment and evaluation are often used interchangeably. However, they are different in their purpose, focus of measurement, and use. Assessment is typically formative, ongoing, and used to identify areas for improvement. Evaluation is summative, product oriented, and used to arrive at an overall grade or score. Classroom assessment techniques are relatively quick and […]