• Canvas is implemented, Now Submit your Grades!

    Spring semester 2018 grades are due by May 9th at 2:15pm. Follow this end of semester checklist to guide you through the end of the semester process in Canvas via the End of Semester Checklist website. You may also submit grades through AccessPlus. Spring semester marked the implementation of Canvas as the centrally-supported learning management […]

  • Preparing for Final Exams, The Sound of Silence

    Last week, I asked my students in my 200-level “Creativity on Demand” course “how will you prepare for the final oral presentation to ensure it is professional?” You could have heard a pin drop. Hmm, I wondered, why were they all looking at me, but no one was responding? I waited the requisite 8 seconds […]

  • Good Teaching Counts: What a Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Professor do with student evaluations

    It may still be March, but perhaps you have already thought about the end of spring semester 2018. What do you usually do with the end of course evaluations from students? I have heard some faculty say they dig right in to the evaluations and start making changes to their syllabus as soon as possible […]

  • Now that midterms are almost done, how to prepare students for their next exam?

    Many instructors grow weary of hearing the question “what’s going to be on the test?” And further, some struggle with helping students effectively study for the exams. In a 2016 Teaching Professor Blog, writer Maryellen Weimer provided teaching activities that can make exam sessions more productive for students and less of a chore for instructors. […]

  • Using Open Educational Resources to Foster Innovation in Teaching

    As the cost of course materials in higher education has climbed to $1,250 a year for undergraduates ( view the Trends in College Pricing 2017 [PDF]) , educators across the United States are beginning to adopt Open Educational Resources (OER) to save students money and encourage student success. OER are openly licensed educational materials that are […]

  • Advancing student learning while providing valuable teaching feedback

    The terms assessment and evaluation are often used interchangeably. However, they are different in their purpose, focus of measurement, and use. Assessment is typically formative, ongoing, and used to identify areas for improvement. Evaluation is summative, product oriented, and used to arrive at an overall grade or score. Classroom assessment techniques are relatively quick and […]

  • Promoting Student Engagement: Building community in the classroom

    Learning is a dynamic process in which we make meaning out of new information as connected to what we already know. Learning is also often a social process, as students feel more engaged in classrooms in which they know they are welcomed and contributing member of the community. But how do we build community? Researchers […]

  • CELT’s Award-Winning Faculty Series, innovative programs, and more!

    Welcome back to campus! In our first Teaching Tip of 2018, we wanted to highlight a few of the professional development opportunities CELT has planned for you. We are hosting the following outstanding faculty to present in our Award-Winning Faculty Series: Research Mentoring: Providing the opportunity to learn from mistakes, Jan. 23 (12:10 -1:30 p.m., […]

  • “A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

    The great Chinese thinker Laozi’s words could apply perfectly to the transition from teaching in Blackboard to Canvas. As I shared last week, in Confessions of a Procrastinator, I have not yet built my course in Canvas, but this week I started and here are some tips to help you take that first step. Start […]

  • Fight the Fear: Confessions of a Procrastinator

    As Interim Director of CELT, I have participated in CELT-led workshops, sat in on implementation team meetings, and spoken all over campus about the transition from Blackboard to Canvas. However, I still have not built my spring 2018 course in Canvas. Sure, I thought about the wonderful features that Canvas would let me do, such […]