• CELT Teaching Tip Schedule for 2017-2018

    CELT publishes a Teaching Tip, a bi-weekly email newsletter, that includes key resources for teaching effectively; as well as, upcoming programs relevant to teaching. The CELT Teaching Tip will be published bi-weekly throughout this academic year beginning on Thursday, August 17. Sign-up for the email newsletter, via the CELT Teaching Tip sign-up website. Sign-up for […]

  • Summer Professional Development Opportunities

    Back by popular demand, we are offering a number of professional development opportunities this summer. Many attendees in last summer’s programs noted that the summer programs allowed them an opportunity to participate during a time when their schedules were less full and the pace on campus was a bit slower. Below is a sampling of […]

  • Rethinking Exams

    A few weeks ago I read an interesting article titled Rethinking My Exams by Kevin Gannon, Professor of History and Director of the teaching center at Grand View University. One paragraph in particular stood out to me. Gannon wrote “Exams should challenge students and push them to demonstrate their learning. But assessment shouldn’t be weaponized […]

  • An Update on the Learning Management System (LMS) Review

    A review of ISU’s current learning management system (LMS), Blackboard Learn, has been ongoing since October 2016. The review process, co-led by CELT and ITS, is currently moving into the product demonstration and evaluation phase. This phase will provide yet another opportunity for ISU faculty, staff, and students to provide input on the future of […]

  • Strategies to Re-engage Students After Spring Break

    Welcome back to campus! Spring Break has come and gone and now is a great opportunity to consider new ways to re-engage students after the break. I came across this resource on active learning strategies a number of years ago and have referred back to it many times. The CELT version of this resource is […]

  • The First 5 Minutes of Class

    The calendar shows we are more than half way to May and most of us are comfortably into the rhythm of another semester. With that in mind, it might be time to mix it up a bit and help students re-focus their efforts in your course as they prepare for the last push to finals […]

  • Creating an Inclusive Classroom

    Diversity. Inclusion. These two terms have come to the forefront in many conversations over the past twelve months, including many conversations related to higher education. As a faculty member and teacher I’ve contemplated what these terms might mean relative to my work. Diversity defined: Individual differences (e.g., personality, learning styles, and life experiences) and group/social […]

  • CELT Teaching Tip: Desirable Difficulties Help Student Learning (February 2, 2017)

    Students hold a number of misconceptions about learning. Many believe, for example, that the best way to remember something is to read it over and over again, or that the best way to learn multiple different topics is to study each of them one at a time. When students feel that a certain technique is […]

  • Good Course Design Makes All The Difference

    Start with the end in mind. It seems like pretty straightforward advice for a lot of things in life. And, although it isn’t always considered when creating a new course, or modifying an existing one, it can create a very useful framework for course design. Often this approach to course design is called “backward design”. […]

  • Spring 2017 Programming: Something for Everyone

    CELT is offering over 68 hours of professional development programming this spring semester including: 3 workshops, 3 award-winning faculty presentations, a panel on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 4 faculty/staff learning communities, 4 Inclusive Classroom Faculty Development Workshops, and 3 discussions on teaching inclusively. In addition, CELT is featuring 3 multi-session workshops: The Research-Based […]