CELT Online Learning Innovation Hub

The CELT Online Learning Innovation Hub is a center for excellence in online and blended instruction. Centrally located in 281 Parks Library, the hub is a collaborative resource for faculty, staff, and graduate students for developing technology-enhanced and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in today’s online environment. The hub supports faculty initiatives in all areas of online and blended learning, including new online course development, blended/hybrid courses, and innovative course designs and teaching methods, all aimed toward enhanced quality of instruction, increased reach and accessibility.

Online & Blended Teaching & Learning

We view online learning in the broadest possible sense, recognizing that the online environment plays a substantial role in all forms of university education. These include traditional courses, online courses for campus and distance education, blended learning, hybrid courses of various forms, and use of the online environment to enhance the educational experience of all students, wherever and however we reach them.

Core Expertise

CELT staff offers a range of expertise that supports the multiple forms of online learning and include:

  • Instructional design and pedagogy for campus and distance education
  • Technology-enhanced approaches to teaching and learning
  • Learning technologies and student-engagement tools
  • Flipped classroom, online and blended course design and delivery
  • Continuous improvement of instruction


In addition to providing direct support and consultation services for instructors, the CELT Online Learning Innovation Hub offers a variety of ongoing programs aimed at the development of faculty, curricula, and other efforts to enhance teaching and learning at Iowa State. The hub also offers numerous opportunities for collaborative support of special projects aimed at developing new courses and programs, technology-based teaching solutions, and approaches to online and blended course design. For a list of initiatives see the funding opportunities section.